Photography is something that is very close to my heart, as it captures a specific moment in time that cannot easily be relived again. For me a good photograph is one that has the ability to evoke emotion. For every single person there would be certain subject that will draw more on their emotions than others. It can be a blurry photo of your childhood dog that you discover 20 years after it was taken. Or the family portrait that was taken at a wedding with certain love once unfortunately no longer there to share the moment with you. It could be a photo of an old lady laughing while enjoying a glass of wine at a small cafe in Greece.

No matter what the subject of the photo is, for me there will always be a few things that I try to create when taking photos, whether it is whilst traveling the world or just attending a family gathering or just trying out the new corner café.

The first thing and the most important for me is to try and capture a specific emotion. It could be, happiness, sadness, curiosity, anger or love. I feel the moment I feel some connection to my subject that it adds value to the end result.


The second thing would be angles. I try to capture my subjects in all sorts of different angles. Yes this makes me that person that would most probably lie flat on my belly or do something similar to a sumo squat to get that perfect angle. Anything for the perfect shot. There are no specific rules in photography that states a tree need to be taken at exactly 90 degrees, a house needs to be taken at 91 degrees. As Zaha Hadid use to say. “There are 360 degrees so why stick to one”. Be creative!

konsertina gebou

The third thing that feel is very import is to create some contrast between your foreground and background of the picture and to ensure that the subject is in the correct focus as per your desire. A sharp photo seems to portray some skill and intent and you might have people think you are a pro with your photos.

Cape Argus 2009 (654)

The last and final point on taking good photos is to enjoy every moment of the photography process. The lens is in your hands and you have the ability to take the most beautiful photographs that you can. Will it be an award winning, or bestselling photo….. I am not sure, but what I am sure of is that you might be only one click away from capturing that one photo that sets your photo apart from anyone else’s. Therefore take that photo, share it with love once and who knows where it might take you.

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