Kit Kat and Virgin Radio teamed up to create yet another breakers trip. This time around the competition had a bit of a twist.

The red phone rang for the first time on Thursday the 27th of October announcing that Kit Kat was up to something. The phone rang again on Sunday the 30th of October with a clue and the clues kept on coming, Wednesday the 2nd of November the mystery breaker announced…… “tomorrow it begins

The next day, Thursday the 3rd of November at 6am the first clue was given and it was a photo of the two new Kit Kat flavours, caramel crisp and hazelnut crunch as well as a three passports. The next clue was where the twist came in. They posted a photo of an empty studio. The Kris Fade show was broadcasting live from a secret location and we had to go out and find them. The next clue came and my husband said, he thinks they are on the beach and maybe at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Still in bed at this time, we decided to go for it and try and find

We left in such a rush I even buttoned my shirt wrong. It was a race! They posted a photo on instagram with some rocks and the ocean. My husband said, “It looks like 360”. We rushed and went as fast as the speed limit allowed of course. The road to the Jumeirah beach hotel never felt so long and to slow things down even more, we were in the middle of the school run. Upon arriving at the hotel, we saw a lady with a purple dress and the 360 insignia, and just knew it was here. At the valet we stopped and rushed out. I noticed the virgin sign and my heart started pounding extremely fast. It was the correct location, but were we in time? That was the question…

Jumping on what I thought was the slowest golf buggy in the world we were well on our way to 360. From a distance I could see a lot of people and a queue on the deck. I thought by myself there is no way we are going to be in the top 20 and wondering if I should jump of the buggy and make a run for it.


We finally arrived and we joined the queue. They were already at number 16 and we had a few people still ahead of us. We were finally in front of the queue and were given our “breaker number” #22 and #23. We were so close but just missed the cut. We were invited inside for breakfast and coffee and with such an amazing view and vibe, we though we may as well take in the atmosphere.

We went up stairs and to our surprise a familiar face was also there, she unlike us arrived in time and was breaker #8. It all seemed a bit surreal, although we were not in the top 20, it was after all the break with a “twist” and there might be a few as the morning progressed. While enjoying our breakfast and the view, we saw one of the crew members walking up and down looking at every single breaker’s number. It all seemed a bit strange and we had no idea what was to follow. She came to us and asked, “Are you breaker #22 and #23?” We proudly said yes and she told us that we were no longer #22 and #23. A bit confused at first and not sure what was going on, she revealed that some of the people dropped out and they had two openings on the trip and that we were now breaker #18 and #19. We were so happy, jumping up and down. It was the first thing we have ever won on the radio, the circumstances of it all and a trip to an unknown destination made it all very exciting.


14917246_1339267172774521_4790530149716368773_oWe were waiting to be interviewed by Kris Fade, Big Rossi and Priti Malik. They introduced all 20 of the breakers one by one on their show. The scenery was just breath taking. The Burj Al Arab was glimmering in the background, music playing and exciting people waiting to hear if they are in line to become a breaker or win anything else. After all the interviews we all lined up on the deck and there was another twist. They were taking two more breakers. The breaker numbers were drawn randomly by Kris from a bowl. The 22 breakers were confirmed and had to meet at the airport at 8pm, with no idea of the destination. Among the Breakers the speculation as to the destination started, could it be the Maldives again, maybe Bali, also Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines were suggested.

14956443_1339632306071341_788533907720958331_nUpon reaching the airport we found the breakers eagerly waiting to find out what our fate would be.  None of the Virgin or Kit Kat crew wanted to give even the smallest of hint. We waited and waited at the airport for none other than Kris Fade and Big Rossi. They arrived a while after all the rest of us even Priti Malik was there on time. The big announcement was about to happen, but not before Kris Fade was in trouble for making too much noise at the airport. He finally announced the location and it was …….. PHUKET, THAILAND. We were all so excited, heading to the check in counters to get our boarding passes.

We were checked and well on our way to board the plane. It was time for the break with a twist to start.

After the flight we were all a bit tired and by looking at the program it was going to be a very busy few days. After a few much deserved caffeine fixes, most of us were awake and ready for the hour long bus ride. Little did we know that, that this would be the start of fffffphuket fm with our host Kris Fade. There was never a dull moment with Kris, Rossi and Priti keeping us entertained. Topics ranged from tropical island fashion tips to a Phuket traffic report but instead using the more familiar Dubai situations as reference… very funny.

We arrived at the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa, as we were making our way to the lobby from the resort gate we experienced a bit of the nature and even spotted the odd chicken running across the road.


First order of business, breaker hit the beach and we had so much fun, Kris was the modern day Mitch Buchannon pretending it was a scene from Baywatch, and you could almost hear the sound track when looking at him trying to save a Kit Kat, supposedly drowning with Big Rossi. Everyone was enjoying the vibe on the beach, some playing racket ball, other swimming and some just hanging out on the beach.


After the beach fun we had some time to freshen up before going on the fffffphuket fm bus for dinner at Baan Rim Pa. This award winning Thai restaurant had the most amazing view of the Patong city lights. We had a set menu filled with the most delicious Thai cuisine, from spring rolls to chicken skewers. It was all just so appetising. As soon as I saw the Mango sticky rice on their menu, I knew I just had to order it. When in Thailand…. You eat mango sticky rice. Boy oh boy was that delish. I would definitely recommend this restaurant.


patong-night-lifeAfter the gorgeous meal, the majority of us was off to Bangla Road in Patong Beach, where the party continued into the early hours.

The next morning, we were all up early for breakfast at the hotel, which was followed by a full day boat trip on an amazing three deck yacht. Oh boy were we in for a treat with all the laughter that filled the day. Although the weather was a bit cloudy at first, it turned into a gorgeous sunny day. Due to the subdued level of sunshine at the start of the trip and the cool ocean breeze on the boat the majority of us were not applying anywhere near enough sunscreen, ending up with a few sun burnt people. This is where Big Rossi became Red Rossi. Breaker boating tip: always wear sunscreen, even if you don’t feel you need it!


The dancing breakers got their groove on and did the most interesting dances, from Indian and arabic dances to a Madiba shuffle, all highly entertaining. As things started to heat up with all the dancing and the sun, most of us cooled down in the water. Some of the people even dug into their adventurous side and jumped into the water from the yacht’s top deck. There was some massive splashing going around.

After a wonderful meal on the boat we were all getting into a very relaxed mood. It was time for the relaxed breakers to put their best yoga moves forward and have a short yoga session on the upper deck. The entire yoga session was being filmed. This lead to some very interesting yoga moves, the session included plenty of Kit Kats and was definitely the type of yoga I could get on board with. Some was sitting in their Yoga pose opening a Kit Kat while others were trying their hardest not burst out in laughter at the spectacle of it all.

As the sun was setting on the turquoise ocean we were about to throw anchor for the last time at Challong Pier. What a magical day it was.

thai-danceBack at the hotel we had an amazing seafood buffet waiting for us. At the restaurant, there was live music as well as traditional Thai dancing. The twist to the dancing came when we had Phone guy Eddie, Pritti and some of the dancing breakers joining them for a very entertaining dance. The crowd went wild. After everyone seemed to have had more than enough to eat, it was off to the Everton game in Bangla road. Rossi managed to gather around 20 people for this very exciting match, or so he thought. Being not a real football fan, I decided to trade the game for a massage. One cannot visit Thailand and not go for a massage.

The next morning, it was off to an early start. We received our breakfast’s packs at reception and were on our way to Flying Hanuman, where we were going to try our best to swing like monkeys in the forest. The bus was a bit emptier that morning as it seems a 5-0 loss for Everton had its tol on a few people. Fffffphuket fm had a new host for the morning…..Breaker Russell very entertaining, but not quite Kris Fade, must be why Kris has his own radio show.

photos-7Upon arriving at Flying Hanuman we divided into 3 groups. After completing our orientation and getting our gear, we were ready to take on the jungle. Our guides and photographer had such a sense of humour and made the experience that much more memorable. I have to admit that I was a bit scared at first, or well let’s just say I got less scared with every zipline we completed, but boy this would not have been my first choice of activity. My throat was so sore from all the screaming.

We laughed so much through this entire course that I think the fear just disappeared. I even ended up doing some of the ziplines with ‘no hands’. This was so much fun and one of the highlights of this trip. If I were given the chance to do ziplining again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

After arriving back at the hotel, we only had 30 min to get ready for lunch. After this morning, excitement and early wake up, myself and my husband ended up skipping the lunch and the cooking competition as I could just not keep my eyes open. This meant I never got to show off my cooking skills, I told Kris, Rossi, Priti and Eddie that I would bake them something, once back in Dubai to make it up to them.

It was time to check out of the hotel and head back to reality, but not before our last dinner together. We were heading back to the rain forest to Hanuman worlds restaurant, located in the middle of the rain forest. Our waiters served our starters while we were enjoying some live entertainment. Little did we know that the live entertainment was going to become more interesting? Kris was up on the stage with a guitar in his hands and started playing. We were all stunned as none of us knew he could play, let alone play well. He and Rossi entertained us for a few songs. The musician of the evening sang achy breaky heart, this is where we got our line dance on, with Priti showing off some of her American upbringing.


After a wonderful few days in the tropical paradise it was time to head to the airport. Although the trip was close to an end Rossi and Kris still had some tricks up their sleeves. Upon arriving in the airport lounge, there were a few masseuses that offered free massages. Most of us took full advantage of this wonderful perk, none more than Kris and Rossi though. They made an entire competition out of this massage by seeing who can moan the loudest. It was hilarious with some very outraged looks from the guests in the lounge not in the know. Rossi won by a land slide, as it seemed the embarrassment was starting to get the better of Kris, at this point no one could keep a straight face and the entire lounge burst out laughing.

The time arrived and we had to board the plane. We had a wonderful experience. We met so many new and interesting people on the trip that would have never crossed our paths if not for the ‘break with a twist’. What started off as a fun radio breakaway turned into a lifelong wonderful memory.