On our recent trip to Las Vegas, we stayed at Planet Hollywood and walked passed Gordon Ramsay’s “BurGR”, located in the hotel. We were amazed by the number of people queuing for a table. We saw this queuing all the time at “BurGR” during our stay. It was rather late one evening when we walked passed the restaurant again, since it was much after a decent dinner time the line was only a few people long. We already had dinner earlier the evening and were not hungry, but we could not let this chance pass us by. It was now or never, so we decided to wait in the short line for a table.

The staff was friendly, and the overall vibe of the restaurant was vivacious. Our waiter quickly went through the menu with us before taking our drinks orders. Considering that we already had dinner we just wanted to order something small, but after going through the menu, our minds changed quickly. There were just so many items on the menu that sounded fantastic. We decided as we were in a “BurGR” it would be best to try their burgers. Our choices were narrowed down to the “Farm” and “Euro” burgers.

As the food arrived, my mouth started watering just from the mere sight of these juicy burgers. Cooked to absolute perfection. The chef knew what he was doing. The Farm Burger’s duck breast bacon almost melts in your mouth, the runny yolk made for an excellent pairing with the sauce and the sharp cheddar cheese just tied the dish together. The burger ingredients were so simple, but cooked and paired to perfection.

The Euro Burger looked massive with a large amount of rocket inside. The meat was very tender, and the goat’s cheese just melts in your mouth. The truffle aioli had a great balance of flavour that I enjoyed. Truffle is one of the ingredients that can easily overpower a dish rather than complement it, not this time. The chef had it spot on. My only criticism was the amount of rocket used on the burger. It was too much in my opinion, and detracted from the otherwise perfect burger.

The buns for both the burgers toasted perfectly, and the flavour combinations were great. It was such a delicious quick meal, at a reasonable price considering the quality of the food and the fact that it’s celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone and if I had to stand in the queue for another one of those burgers, I would because they are that delicious. Gordon Ramsay’s “BurGR”, you get the DBM splash of approval.