I’ll always have someone watching over me

“I’ll always have someone watching over me” was inspired by my favourite photo of my father and me when I was a baby and my father looking over me. After my father’s passing, I wanted to create a piece to honour his memory, and although I know he is no longer with us, I know that “I would always have someone watching over me” no matter where my journey may lead.

I used acrylic paint with a monochrome colour scheme for the portrait and for contrast in the background I used recycled candy wrappers. The butterscotch candy was my father’s favourite. He always made sure that with every road trip no matter how long or short, we had some butterscotch to indulge on. The roses are also made from the candy wrappers and represent life’s unexpected events, and the fact that what you do with those events are entirely up to you. With time you learn to appreciate flowers blooming again.

Title: “I’ll always have someone watching over me”

Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm

Medium: Mixed Medium (Acrylic paint, butterscotch candy)

Not For Sale

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