Our client required a new reception desk for their apartment building’s lobby. They required the desk to blend in with the existing lobby materials as well as be able to accommodate their current security system and procedures.

As there were already a lot of curved feature in the lobby area, we decided to add a curve to the design of the desk. We tried to match the counter top as close as possible with the existing marble flooring, as well as the 3D wooden panelling with the existing wooden features and finishes in the building.

The client also required a cut out in the counter top, where a computer monitor would be visible so visitors can view their details entered into the system. The previous reception desk was built into the floor, and thus the area around it had to be refinished. In order to avoid re-doing the entire floor we built a small platform on which the new desk could be placed to cover the footprint of the previous desk. To brighten up the area and put the special finishing touches on the space we added a lighting feature.

The reception desk allows for maximum storage and all the security requirements. The new reception desk added some much-needed detail and design flair, to the space by fulfilling and surpassing all the client’s requirements.