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At DBM we strive to create one of a kind products that our clients love. We are always in the process of expanding our ranges. If you require any additional information on the products, please do not hesitate to contact us or check out our Facebook online store.


Our “Coffee Addiction Collection” was inspired by drinking lots and lots of coffee and trying to find new ways to use the used coffee pods. It started with a lot of pods, creativity and with products in mind. 913 pods and weeks later and the first “Coffee Addiction Lamp” was born. the product range have since grown and include key rings, picture frames, artwork as well as one of my favourites, “Beauty and the Bean”



Our “Artwork In Various Medium” are pieces that I have painted, drawn or made collages from over time. Some of the original artwork is still available; others are only available as prints.


Our “Matchbox Fridge Magnets” are all prints of my artwork or photographs that is fixed to a matchbox. This is a great way of always keeping your matches handy and to easily find them.