Coffee Addiction Collection

Nespresso is best known as the art of espresso. With George Clooney as their patron, what is not to love? However, in recent months Hamburg have gone cold on coffee by banning single-use capsules in their council buildings, as part of a drive to reduce environmental waste.

Although there is a lot of controversy around these pods two things I was sure of was, one these pods are available in more than 20 different colours making it the perfect medium for being creative, two I felt that they needed a special placed after providing me with a caffeine fix and that place was surely not going to be a bin.

I have recently started to “recycle” Nespresso pods and to convert them into different coloured flowers. Flowers that I used to create my very own recycled material lamp.

Looking back at the used pods, that is known as my Nespresso art piece, it took some work to make sure all of the coffee is removed and the pods are scrubbed clean. But I do think the end product was worth cleaning every single pod by hand.

Next time after you make yourself an art of espresso, think of what other art could be made by using these pods and rather place them in Nespresso’s recycle bin or better yet get creative. I would like to leave you with the words “Waste needed be wasted”

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