Amirah Ji, A Great Cup of Coffee Surrounded By Mariska Nell’s Art

Amirah Ji, 1 December 2017

Thank you to Amirah Ji for the wonderful article, “A Great Cup of Coffee Surrounded By Mariska Nell’s Art”

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A Great Cup Of Coffee Surrounded By Mariska Nell’s Art

I do appreciate a poetically placed cup of coffee. Some ricotta pancakes to go with my first cup to start me off on the first few chapters of my read. Maybe some cozy egg sandwiches and a cinnamon latte once I’m a little deeper into the plot and (sighs)…. just writing about it is giving me a fuzzy and warm feeling inside.

There’s an Art Meets Coffee Exhibition Series running at Book Munch Cafe in Wasl Square and it’s just the kind of place I’d like my poetically placed cup of caffeine and munch. Especially because Mariska Nell chose to showcase her artwork in such a wonderful setting!

Her work is composed of repurposed Nespresso Capsules. The outcome is glorious and the images are stirring. Just the concept of experiencing a Cafe transformed (even a little bit) into an Art Gallery is an act of universal justice especially if it leads to the five times, award-winning Cafe being laced by conversation-inducing art. Mariska Nell’s creations succeed at that.

Mariska is also exhibiting at Our Space in the Lamborghini Building on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai for your viewing pleasure.

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