Mariska is an award-winning South African born Interior Designer and artist based in Dubai. Mariska is extremely passionate about art, design, food, travel and reusing beautiful recycled items and turning them into functional art.

Her journey started a few years back after she packed her bags and took on the adventure of living abroad. It has been some time since she packed those bags for the first time, since then she has lived in three countries, visited twenty-seven more and have ticked off as many adventures off her bucket list as she possibly could. From seeing Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge to summiting the highest peak in Africa, Kilimanjaro. Life has definitely been full of adventures.

The inspiration behind her collections started with Nespresso capsules. She felt the pods were just too beautiful to end up in the bin and wanted to find a better way of recycling them.

After cleaning 913 Nespresso pods, opening them into hundreds of flowers and assembling them, the first “Coffee Addiction Lamp” was created. Soon after the first lamp, she started to explore different ways to use recycled elements in her painting as well and to create something beautiful out of waste.

Mariska has recently exhibited at the Our Space, Lamborghini, R Gallery, Cartoon Art Gallery, Index as part of the DAF group, and also at the Workshop Gallery as part of the AjalaProject. Mariska has also hosted exhibitions of her own. She was also awarded Most Sustainable design at Surge for Water’s Design, Dine make a difference competition.

Mariska’s creations are currently in the art collections of South African comedian and The Daily Show Host, Trevor Noah, Kris Fade, a radio presenter for the Kris Fade radio show on Virgin Radio Dubai, Black Coffee a  world-renowned DJ and producer and Mason Plumlee, an NBA basketball player for the Denver Nuggets.

Mariska’s motto in life is “Love what you do and to do what you love.”

Design by Mariska is in partnership with Pink Canary.

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