Design By Mariska is creating a better and cleaner planet one art piece at a time

The inspiration behind my collections started with Nespresso capsules. I felt the pods were just too beautiful to end up in the bin and wanted to find a better way of recycling them.
After cleaning 913 Nespresso pods, transforming them into hundreds of flowers and putting it all togetherthe first “Coffee Addiction Lamp” was created. Soon after the first lamp, I started to explore different ways to use recycled elements in my paintings and generally started to create beautiful things out of what was once waste.

Realising just how much waste we generate on a daily basis, and how easy it actually is to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste lead me to my goal to do my part but also to educate the world about sustainability and how each one of us can help preserve our planet. Thus far I have created a number of art collections featuring reused and recycled material, I have partnered with SUP cleanup to clean the beaches in Dubai, and for 30 days I am embarking on the #wastemenot campaign where I wore the trash of an average global citizen to generate awareness of the amount of waste people generate on a daily basis.

It was while taking part in this campaign that I soon realize the number of straws that I have been offered. Over the course of the 30 days I collected 46 straws. That was really shocking for me. I started asking restaurants what they do with these straws ones the clients are done with them and were very saddened to hear the majority of the restaurants throw them in the bin (the normal bin not even the recycling bin).

I was so saddened by the fact that all these straws were either ending up in the landfill or our beautiful oceans. It was then that I decided to join the LonelyWhale #Stopsucking challenge for a strawless ocean.

I challenge you to #stopsucking.

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