Blue Eyed Boy

Blue Eyed Boy was inspired by a photograph I took while enjoying lunch at a restaurant in Old Havana. There were a few children in the plaza playing and running around after school. Through all the laughter there was a little boy that caught my eye. He seemed to be very deep in thought, and I wanted to capture that in my art.

I used acrylic paint with a monochrome colour scheme for the portrait and for contrast in the background I used a variety of different recycled materials to represent a cloud. The blue and white are the shades for the clouds, and represent the boy with his head in those clouds.

Title: “Blue Eyed Boy”

Dimensions: 500mm x 700mm

Medium: Mixed Medium (Acrylic paint, Wedding invitation, Milk and cereal boxes, water bottle wrappers )

Blue Eyed Boy was exhibited at The Art of Recycling, TechStars Startup Weekend 2017, Art Meets Coffee – WILD Coffee Bar

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