Reuse, Recycle, Rehumanize

Reuse, Recycle, Rehumanize was inspired by a photo I took a few years back in South Africa. She looked so peaceful, calm, and at that moment it seemed like all her troubles lifted from her shoulders, and she could reach for the stars. I wanted to capture that moment in my art too, and encourage other women to also reach for the stars.

I used acrylic paint with a monochrome colour scheme for the portrait and for contrast in the background I used recycled Nespresso capsules and Softi candy wrappers. The recycled items are arranged to create a colourful pattern that adds to the beauty and vibrancy of the woman. The title of the piece is my way of asking people to think about what they are doing and instead of throwing things away and writing people off why not “Reuse, Recycle, and Rehumanize” wherever possible and do something you are proud off.

Title: “Reuse, Recycle, Rehumanize”

Dimensions: 610mm x 460mm

Medium: Mixed Medium (Acrylic paint, Nespresso Capsules, Softi Candy Wrappers)

Reuse, Recycle, Rehumanize was exhibited at Artist AvenueDXB to Somaal, Huwiyyati

Sold, in a private art collection

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Rooted, an Art Exhibition showcasing the work of South African artist, Mariska Nell and Johan Alberts, inspired by their South African roots and their journey to the UAE. hosted by Our Space.


28 November – 23 December 2017

An Art Exhibition showcasing the work of South African artist, Mariska Nell and Johan Alberts, inspired by their

South African roots and their journey to the UAE. hosted by Our Space.

The artwork exhibited by Mariska included Beauty and The Bean, Blood is Thicker than Water, Coffee Addiction Lamp, Desert Rose, Green with Envy, I’ll always have someone watching over me, It’s All About The JourneyMilibangalala Menina, The Father of a Nation, Trumpeting at the Fair, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and Young Love.

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Art and Headlines, an intriguing visual interpretation of iconic Khaleej Times front pages by local artists, hosted by Andakulova gallery.

Art and Headlines

16-22 November

An intriguing visual interpretation of iconic Khaleej Times front pages by local artists, hosted by Andakulova gallery and inaugurated by Mr. Yasser Al Gergawi, Director of Cultural Events, Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development.

The artwork exhibited by Mariska included GCC Comes Into Being.

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DXB to Somaal, A Charity Art Exhibition

DXB to Somaal, A Charity Art Exhibition

20 – 23 June 2017

An Art Exhibition, in support of the Emirates Red Crescent, and their efforts in Somalia, hosted by The Workshop gallery, Jumeirah and organised by The Ajala Project.

 The artwork exhibited by Mariska included On Route To UhuruReuse, Recycle, Rehumanize.

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Amirah Ji, A Great Cup of Coffee Surrounded By Mariska Nell’s Art

Amirah Ji, 1 December 2017

Thank you to Amirah Ji for the wonderful article, “A Great Cup of Coffee Surrounded By Mariska Nell’s Art”

Read the full article here. 

A Great Cup Of Coffee Surrounded By Mariska Nell’s Art

I do appreciate a poetically placed cup of coffee. Some ricotta pancakes to go with my first cup to start me off on the first few chapters of my read. Maybe some cozy egg sandwiches and a cinnamon latte once I’m a little deeper into the plot and (sighs)…. just writing about it is giving me a fuzzy and warm feeling inside.

There’s an Art Meets Coffee Exhibition Series running at Book Munch Cafe in Wasl Square and it’s just the kind of place I’d like my poetically placed cup of caffeine and munch. Especially because Mariska Nell chose to showcase her artwork in such a wonderful setting!

Her work is composed of repurposed Nespresso Capsules. The outcome is glorious and the images are stirring. Just the concept of experiencing a Cafe transformed (even a little bit) into an Art Gallery is an act of universal justice especially if it leads to the five times, award-winning Cafe being laced by conversation-inducing art. Mariska Nell’s creations succeed at that.

Mariska is also exhibiting at Our Space in the Lamborghini Building on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai for your viewing pleasure.

Khaleej Times, Khaleej Times hosts spectacular Art and Headlines exhibition in Dubai.

Khaleej Times, 26 November 2017

Thank you to Khaleej Times, for the wonderful article, “Khaleej Times hosts spectacular Art and Headlines exhibition in Dubai.”

Read the full article here.

“Khaleej Times’ hosts spectacular ‘Art and Headlines’ exhibition in Dubai.

Khaleej Times, the nation’s oldest English Newspaper, hosted a collaborative art exhibition ‘Art and Headlines’ at Andakulova Gallery on November 16, 2017 at DIFC, Dubai, UAE.

The exhibition showcased 13 iconic pages of Khaleej Times from the last four decades — an intriguing visual interpretation of iconic Khaleej Times front pages by exemplary artists.

The artists portrayed their interpretation of the front page in various types of art – conceptual, functional art, acrylic painting, watercolour, conceptual, charcoal painting, graffiti, and mixed mediums.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Yasser Al Gergawi, Director of Cultural Events, Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development; Vipul – Consul General of India; Charitha Yattogoda, Consul General of Sri Lanka, and Dato Yubazlan Haji Yusof – Consul General of Malaysia.

Speaking about this unique idea, Vinay Kamat, Editor, Khaleej Times, stated, “There is a thin line between news and creativity. News inspires art and art inspires news. Khaleej Times‘ initiative brings the blur into focus, showcasing the unique contribution of newspapers to art and art’s own stamp on newspapers. The influence of news makes art contemporary, contextual and impresssionistic.”

Speaking about this unique concept, Ravi Raman, Senior Vice President at Khaleej Times, said “These are truly special pages both of Khaleej Times and the nation, we are truly pleased to see talented artists create their renditions of it.”

The artists at this exhibition come from diverse cultures and nationalities. Through the language of art, each artist can express and share their uniqueness with the world.

Speaking about this exceptional concept, the artists stated, “Khaleej Times has provided a unique platform to us to display our distinctiveness and imaginations in the form of our varied creations.”

Natalya Andakulova, Owner/Founder of the Andakulova Gallery, stated, “Andakulova Gallery has always striven to bring the richness of Central Asian art to art lovers and the general public of this region. We are pleased and honoured to host this unique event in collaboration with Khaleej Times. I think this initiative will go a long way in building bridges between the Central Asia and MENA regions.”

Khaleej Times’ art exhibition was supported by The Art of Shaving, unrivaled products that elevate shaving from an act to an art and Canvas Magazine, a premier magazine for art and culture from the Middle East and Arab World.

Asad Raza Khan, International Markets Leader, The Art of Shaving stated “The Art of Shaving is proud to be associated with such a fantastic event. Khaleej Times has been one of the pioneer’s in media in UAE and it is nice to see them come together with local artists to celebrate the history and heritage of UAE via headlines and art. UAE has a rich history which many people are still not familiar with and this is an innovative platform for many people to learn more about this wonderful nation and its journey.”

Artists names and specializations

– Ms. Sana Sajan, a modern contemporary and Islamic calligraphy artist, used acrylic and mixed medium for her art and recreated Oil struck in new Dubai well –  27/02/1980

– Ms. Minisha Bhardwaj, a charcoal and portrait artist recreated His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, becomes Dubai Ruler – 5/1/2006

– Ms. Mariska Nell, a recycled products and mixed media artist recreated GCC first meeting is held – 26/5/1981

– Mr. Thankachen Kumaran, an artist specialising in architectural, contemporary, and abstract recreated Dubai Metro launched – 10/09/09

– Ms. Elizabeth Bruce, specialized in portraits inspired by colours, light, recreated World’s largest Dubai Mall opens – 4/11/2008

. Ms. Zaahirah Muthy, a mixed media artist specialising in feet painting, recreated Khalifa inaugurates world’s largest plant, hails Shams 1 as an outstanding achievement, dated 18/03/2013

– Dr. Yaser Habrawi, a portrait artist, recreated His Highness Sheikh Khalifa becomes President – 4/11/2004

– Ms. Muneera Al Abbadi, a mixed media artist recreated Khaleej Times is born- 16/4/1978

– Mr. Charlie Villagracia, specialising in conceptual, surrealism, and acrylics recreated Emirates airline is launched – 24/10/1985

– Ms. Mrinmay Sebastian, specialising in watercolours and realistic work recreated Dubai Canal unveiled – 10/11/16

– Mr. Ahmed Rukni, an acrylic artist recreated Burj Khalifa is inaugurated – 5/1/2010

– Ms. Kasia Dzikowska, specialising in watercolour and acrylic recreated UAE announces ‘Mars 2117’ project to establish first mini-city on Mars – 15/02/2017

– Ms. Rafah Abdul Razzak, drawing, oil painting, acrylic charcoal, graffiti, and watercolour artist recreated Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum wins UAE’s first Olympic gold – 18/08/2004 “

Khaleej Times, Art meets Coffee at this quirky cafe

Khaleej Times, 21 November 2017

Thank you to the Khaleej Times for the wonderful article, “Art meets Coffee at this quirky cafe”

Gulf News, Time to get happy

Gulf News, 13 November 2017

Thank you to Gulf News for the wonderful article, “Time to get happy”


Meet Dubai’s recycling heroes

Express Gulf News, 31 May 2017.

Thank you to Express Gulf News for this wonderful article, “Meet Dubai’s Recycling Heroes”

Read the full article here. 

Meet Dubai’s Recycling Heroes

Meet Dubai’s recycling heroes

Ahead of World Environment Day, Anjana Kumar catches up with eco warriors who have turned discarded material into works of art.

“We often tend to throw away things we don’t need and invariably most of them end up in landfills.

However, some environmentally-conscious people have found ingenious ways to put discarded items to good use. From glass, wood and plastic, to paint, old clothes and hundreds of other everyday items, these people have found a way to turn waste into works of art. Here is a lowdown on five such eco warriors in the UAE.

Mariska Nell

A lot of us are coffee addicts, but has anyone given a thought about what to do with a used coffee pod? Take a cue from Mariska Nell.

The 30-year-old South African expat uses discarded coffee pods to make lampshades. “We routinely buy Nespresso coffee which comes in colourful, little aluminium capsules. I found them so attractive I could never bring myself to throw them. Before long I had collected hundreds of pods. As I looked at them one day, I thought why not utilise them to make a lampshade. I used over 900 pods to make my first lampshade. It took me a month but the effort was worthwhile.”

The lamp is designed with four-petal flowers made from Nespresso capsules and stuck together with a special glue.

Nell also makes keyrings, bowls, trays, vases, chairs, chalk-boards and show-pieces from the pods. “At any given time I have 3,000 empty capsules lying in my house. It takes me three hours to clean 50 pods. My friends and family know I am a coffee addict for more reasons than one and so they also bring me used coffee pods. I am happy that in my little way I am encouraging them to recycle too.” The prices of her products start from Dh40 going all the way to Dh6,000 for the lampshade.”