Barsha Heights Apartment Renovation

Barsha Heights Apartment Renovation. As an interior designer, there is just something great about starting a project and going through the entire design process with your client to finally end up with a result that the client is thrilled about. When you are the client yourself, it seems a bit more of a challenge to achieve the ultimate perfection. For this project, my husband and I were very proud first-time homeowners and in need of some renovation to create the perfect contemporary space, that we would call our home.

There were a few spaces in the apartment that required a bit more TLC than others. After a hard look at every single space within the apartment, we decided on what would stay and what just had to go. We narrowed our design requirements, which included to completely renovate two of the bathrooms as well as the kitchen. We only occasionally have guests visiting for a few days at a time and therefore decided to rather utilise the second bedroom as a full-time study. The study/guest room required additional storage as well as space where our beloved guests, would be able to sleep over other than a sofa.

Design By Mariska Hand drawingWith a very tight schedule, we jumped right into the first space to renovate, the kitchen. The layout of the kitchen was not your standard rectangle or square and therefore made it a little bit more difficult when designing with pre-fabricated cabinets to fit within our tight budget.

My favourite feature of the kitchen is the island that we added. Although it is small it creates the perfect spot for someone to keep me company while cooking up a storm. Our colour scheme throughout the house was very clean with pops of colour. We originally wanted to use natural wooden flooring and base cabinets, but due to the high costs and maintenance involved, we went for an alternative. The flooring selected was a porcelain “wood look” tiles and the base cabinet panels was a wooden laminate. Both these wood-like features are very easy to maintain. To try and avoid any awkward spaces that are hard to reach in the base cabinets, we installed deep drawers. The drawers are easy to use and allow for better utilisation of the space. The wall cabinets were all in a gloss white finish to add a bit of contrast to brighten up space. To add our pop of colour we added a fresh bright green and white mosaic splash back. The splashback also served as the gradual link between the bright white wall cabinets and wood like base drawers.

In the guest bathroom, the existing shower was very small with a strange. The basin vanity unit was larger than the shower area, therefore we decided to rather swap the two, to allow for a larger shower with a built-in niche and a smaller basin cabinet with enough storage. The swap was definitely the right call, just have a look at how much nicer the areas work. Having a bit of an awkward shaped vanity and basin is much better than an awkwardly shaped shower.

Design By Mariska Madison BathroomIn the master bathroom, we added a whirlpool bathtub to allow for ultimate relaxation (I love my long baths, my husband not so much but I got my way on this one). Mirror cabinets were added above the basin and WC to maximise the storage space and make the bathroom look so much bigger. The basin vanity design incorporates the laundry basket within the unit (don’t you just hate a laundry basket that is always in the way). The colour scheme in both the bathrooms was kept very neutral, sticking to beiges and greys hues, with orchids providing the pop of colour.

In order for both me and my husband to get our way, the study/ guest bedroom had to serve as a full-time study but also as the occasional guest room. We, therefore, designed a bookshelf/wall bed that will enable us to keep our book collection and add more storage but also would be able to transform into a standard double bed in just a few seconds. As my husband and I are both very passionate travellers, we created a feature wall with a large world map. This way we could pin our previous and upcoming trips to the wall in a bit more fun and unique way (for us life is all about the journey).

Design by Mariska Friends doorsThe entire house’s walls were touched up and painted for a new and fresh look. As die-hard fans of the TV show “Friends” we wanted to replicate the door in “Monica’s apartment” with the purple door and yellow picture frame. This yellow frame has been a conversation starter for a number of guest visiting. This is such a fun element in the house and something that guests and we just love. It has also become the official backdrop where all our visitors take a photo before saying goodbye.

The final touches for this project were to decorate the entire house by adding all the furniture. We mainly used existing furniture, however, we did purchase a few new items as well. The overall feel of the house is very clean and fresh with pops of colours throughout the apartment. This project transformed our apartment from being a space we lived in, to a place that we are excited to call home.

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