Big 5 Exhibition Stand Design

Big 5 Exhibition Stand Design, our client required a design for their 24sq.m Big 5 exhibition stand. They wanted their stand to be open with a welcoming feel that will attract potential clients to view their products.

The orange colour scheme used in the design was based on the client’s foot washer packaging. The foot washer, as the feature of the stand, was also the inspiration for the counter. It was designed to replicate the shape of the foot washer, cut in half.

The client wanted to display as much of their products on the stand without making it feel cluttered. We incorporated their foot washer (main products on the stand) with two basin settings, to illustrate what the set up would look like in your home. Mixers and shower settings were incorporated on one of the walls, to allow for maximum product display without taking too much attention away from the foot washer displays.

The overall look and feel of the stand were very inviting, with colourful feature walls and rigged signage allowing the stand name to be visible from a distance. The success of this exhibition stand for Bold was achieved by good communication between the design team and the client, ultimately it fulfilled and surpassed all the client’s requirements.

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