Design Tips For The Kitchen

Design Tips For The Kitchen

Design Tips For The Kitchen. If you are a food lover, like me, and spend a lot of your time in the kitchen, it is essential that your kitchen has an easy flow. You definitely do not want to get stuck on an obstacle course, while preparing your favourite meal.

Before even starting the planning process of your new or improved kitchen, I always recommend to go a bit deeper and inspect your existing kitchen. Take photos of every single cupboard’s content, print them out and start listing what exactly it is that you require space for. It is only then that you realise how many items you have to create space for. This is a critical step that is often forgotten and could leave you with a kitchen that feels small, cluttered and lacking storage.

Some tips to get you started:

1. If you don’t use it, lose it.

Every single item in the kitchen should be used to avoid clutter from accumulating. If you don’t use it, lose it. I try to purchase multifunctional items, like the Phillipe Stark’s, Juicy Salif. This lemon squeezer is functional but is also a piece of art to brighten up your kitchen.

Design Tips For The Kitchen


2. Interesting storage containers could also be used as display pieces

Interesting storage containers could also be used as display pieces. I prefer using clear containers, as this will allow you to immediately view what is inside, without having to go through the hassle of opening every single container, or labelling and re-labelling.

Design Tips For The Kitchen

3.  Space is your friend and drawers are a lifesaver when it comes to space.

Base cabinet drawers are amazing space savers, it allows you to maximize the usage of the entire space. It also avoids the need for getting down on your knees or unpacking a cupboard just to get to the can of beans stored at the back. There is a wide variety of different drawer organisers available on the market. These will assist you to stack plates, organise spices, cutlery and even the biggest nightmare of them all the plastic containers.

Design Tips For The Kitchen

4. Lighting is both aesthetic and functional.

It is becoming more of a trend to have sensor lighting installed inside your kitchen cabinets and drawers. To have the cabinet or drawer lights go on when opened, without even flicking a switch, adds that extra touch of luxury. Other than general lighting, task lighting fixed underneath wall cabinets are great to light up the counter space. The lighting could be neatly hidden and when switched on enhance your kitchen experience. It is not only functional, but it also looks great when switched on.

Design Tips For The Kitchen

5. Open counter space is essential to your kitchen experience.

The counter space is a crucial part of any kitchen. It is recommended to always have open counter space next to the sink, stove/oven and fridge. These are the locations that will be used most often, and you don’t want to be stuck with a hot baking pan and no nearby space to put it down. The majority of stone counters are hard wearing and able to withstand heat but in time they do start to wear when exposed to too much. I would recommend to always have something handy to place a hot pan or baking tray on even if you have stone countertops (I have a wooden cutting board nearby, and it works great).

Design Tips For The Kitchen

6. Don’t waste offcuts.

If you have just installed new stone countertops, ask for the cut off pieces of the sink or other larger areas to be polished. Glue some felt on the bottom of these pieces and they can be used on top of your counter. They are great to place heavy appliances on, like the mixer as this will allow for easy moving, without scratching your counter.

Design Tips For The Kitchen

7. You can never have enough power socket in the kitchen

Power sockets are something that is not always a priority for contractors as they usually only include the bare minimum. I would recommend having double or triple power sockets wherever possible. This will allow you to spread out your appliances and have ample available sockets when required. You definitely do not want to trip over extension cables while trying to multitask. There is a wide variety of different sockets on the market and I would recommend choosing sockets to match your needs. I have sockets with USB adapters to keep my phone and tablet charged while cooking, but there are many others that are becoming popular (like smart sockets that allow you to switch off all appliances with a single request to Alexa, Siri or any other digital assistant you may have).

Design Tips For The Kitchen

It does not matter whether you are ripping out your entire kitchen or just adding some décor elements, it is important to have fun and leave your own mark on the kitchen, that you can be proud of.


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