Getting Your Zebra On A Walk On The Wild Side

Getting Your Zebra On A Walk On The Wild Side.  Just like the chicken and egg scenario, some might argue that Zebra striped pattern is white with black stripes others might argue it is black with white stripes. If one looks closer at the stripes one can’t deny that these stripes make somewhat of a statement. Zebra stripes are used in so many different design fields.

First of all, by referring to zebra stripes print, it does not necessarily refer only to zebra hides. Zebra stripes are often printed or painted patterns on a wide variety of materials. It is also not for everyone, you either love it or hate it, a bit like marmite. Below are 5 tips, how you can get your Zebra on with a touch of class in your interior.

Reupholster A Chair With Zebra Fabric:

Zebra strips print can breathe new life into an old chair and could even convert the chair into a centrepiece. I would recommend a zebra-striped chair for a reading nook, a study or even as a feature chair in a lounge. Zebra stripes print also work very well for bar chairs, however, I would not recommend turning every single seating area into a zebra extravaganza but one or two should do the trick.

Fun With Zebra Prints On Cabinets:

If you feel that your space needs a bit of monochrome extravaganza but not too sure where to start, you could always transform your storage cabinet by adding a zebra pattern to it. The print does not have to be on all the sides of the cabinet and could merely be the front side of the cabinet. The pattern could either be painted on the unit or alternatively it could be a hide or patterned fabric that covers the unit with the use of studs. If fabric part sounds a bit too difficult to DIY, you could always get assistance from an expert in the field.

Wall Up The Zebra:

Zebra wall covering could be an instant pop to a blank wall. One can use the zebra pattern on the wall (painted or wallpaper) or alternatively there are a large variety of pre-cut vinyl stickers available that would be easy enough to install yourself.

Soaking Up The Zebra:

Freestanding bathtubs are becoming more of a trend in a modern bathroom. There are some companies that are able to wrap the bathtub in zebra hide to transform the everyday bath into a feature piece in the bathroom. You, however, do not have to cover the bath just to add the zebra pattern print to your bathroom, this can also be achieved by using patterned tiles on the floor or in a feature wall in the bathroom.

Zebra And The Table:

Zebra print ceramic or porcelain crockery are available in a wide variety. This could add that extra touch to a dinner party. I would recommend not to use the entire set in the same zebra print but rather mix it up with either a variety of different zebra design or by adding black, white or a bright colour. By adding the solid colours to the zebra print it will allow for the zebra printed crockery to stand out more. Alternatively, if you love the pattern but do not feel confident enough to change your existing crockery, you could always add the zebra stripe in the form of a serviette or even a table runner.





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