Mosman Park Renovation

With this Mosman Park renovation project, our client’s wanted to upgrade their investment property in order for them to sell it at a better value. Their property was rented out for the past few years and with the tenants seems to have been run down a bit. There was a lot of work that had to be completed in the client’s tight deadline and budget. The areas that required most of the attention were the kitchen, garden, wooden floors and deck.

The kitchen was the first room in the house that we worked on. We removed all existing appliances and cabinetry and started with a blank canvas. The clients wanted a very modern look and feel for the kitchen, with as many of the appliances as possible to be integrated within the cabinets. To stay with the modern theme, we proposed a very light and fresh design. The colour scheme consisted of white and green with some natural wooden elements. The end result of the kitchen was a significant improvement, where we maximised the storage space and included integrated appliances to provide the clients with a clean looking design.

The garden was another major project on its own, as most of the lawn was either dying or already dead, it just had to go. Our company arranged for the new lawn to be installed, an entire clean-up of the garden as well as filling the empty spots. After a few weeks of hard work and nurturing, the garden was looking much better, and a worthy garden for entertaining.

With all the tenants moving in and out over the years the walls required a lot of attention including filling of holes, touching up of paint and just an overall makeover of the exterior as well as the interior walls.

The wooden flooring on the ground floor as well as the decking on the first-floor patio, required some work. The wooden flooring provided the house with a lot of character and as such couldn’t just be removed and replaced, instead the damaged boards were fixed and the entire area was sanded down and restored. It was not possible to save the wooden decking, it was completely removed and replaced with a composite material that allowed us to maintain the look we wanted but this time would not fade or even require maintenance for the next 25 years.

After all the major work on the house was completed it only left us with the finishing touches, in order to turn the client’s old rental house into a dream show house. The furniture used was mainly from what the client still had available in storage, with a few new items to add small touches. With this project, we worked very closely with the clients in order to achieve the maximum effect, complete on time and within their budget.

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