At DBM we strive to create one of a kind designs that our clients love. Our services include full interior design solutions, interior decoration, custom-designed furniture, art and accessories as well as design consultations.


Our full interior design solution offers our clients a complete interior solution, from an empty shell to the completed space. As each project and client is unique we customise the design services packages based on the client and project requirements. The following are a few of the services we offer.

Client consultation

Market analyses

Budget development

Project Management

Space planning

Creating colour schemes

Selection of finishes, cabinetry, furniture, window treatments, soft finishing, art, and accessories.

Apart from the selection we also create one of a kind custom furniture, art, cabinetry and soft finishes.


Our interior decoration services provide our clients with decoration solutions to enhance or completely change existing spaces to maximise potential and meet client desire and budget. We focus on the client and work with our clients to develop project requirements. Then we add our artistic flair to create an amazing space for to love and enjoy.

Design by Mariska Hatfield Master Bedroom Before and After


Our custom furniture, art and accessory design offer our clients the option to decorate their space with unique and one of a kind items that will fit the design solution and client aspirations perfectly. Whether the aspiration is sustainability, a modern style, or a classic chic vibe we have the perfect idea to put the finishing touch on the project and space.

Design by Mariska Custom Furniture


Our consultation services offer our clients the opportunity to discuss their project without making use of our full design services. We can just advise or do it all, we offer what the client and the project needs.

Design By Mariska Brainstorm

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